There is an assurance given by Shri Guru Narasimha Saraswati (Lord Datta) to the people of Ganagapur in Shri Guru Charitra:
“Vasati Rahani Sangamase Jate Nitya Bikshese Taya Vare Ganagapurase Madhyana Kala Pareyasa“

In these Marathi Words Shri Datta Guru has given an Assurance to all his Devotees that he would forever continue to accept alms at Sri Kshetra Ganagapur in the Afternoon Time.

Just as the Chowghada (beating of Drums in Nagarkhana) begins in Datta Temple at Ganagapur, one may see people start roaming from house to house for begging of Alms. This is beacause it is believed that Datta Maharaj himself takes the bhiksha here at afternoon and so each and everyone Visiting Ganagapur must offer Madhukari (Bhiksha/alms) to Some people atleast and also accept bhiksha from 5 houses as the Prasadam.

Now lets see why Madhukari Bhiksha Annadan Seva is considered of Great Importance at Sri Kshetra Ganagapur ?

Bhiksha or Begging of Alms has been a long religious and Spiritual Tradition of Hinduism. Wandering Monks or Mendicants (Sadhus) and Brahmacharis since the beginning of Indian Civilization have been mainly dependent upon the Bhiksha.

Madhukari Bhiksha has a got a Special Importance in Avadhoota / Natha / Datta Sampradaya since the ages. It is even mentioned in the Puranas that Lord Dattatreya keeps wandering from place to place taking Bhiksha.

We can also see in Sri Guru Charitra, the Instances where we find Sri Guru Narasimha Saraswati wandering in the Villages for taking Bhiksha.

In the 5th Chapter / Adhyay we see that Lord Dattatreya in disguise visits the house of Appalaraj and Sumati for taking alms and when he was pleased with their Devotion , he ends up blessing them that he shall incarnate by taking birth as their Son.

In Adhyay 18th Sri Guru While at Narsobawadi, goes to a Poor Brahmin’s home at Amarapur and out of Compassion decides to end their Poverty. Shri Guru uproots a Plant of Ghevda (A Kind of a Bean), which was the source of food for the Poor Brahmin’s family. The Brahmin later discovers a Pot of Gold that Place.

Again in the 22nd Chapter we see that Shri Guru Makes an Old Barren Buffalo at a Brahmins house give Milk when he came to Ganagapur for Bhiksha (Alms).

So where ever Shri Guru went for Bhiksha , he out of his Infinite Compassion uplifted the Wellbeing of his Devotees.